Arkiv (månadsvis): mars 2015

Getting a bit worn


A sign

or just a part of the building. /c

Up north

as far as I could drive. The North Kap. /c

Smooth tones


From a walk

last year. /c

Kitchen corner

outside. The season are soon to come. /c


sometimes you need it more then you know. /c

Got the licens

for cutting down trees today. It was a relief when the examinator did thumbs up. /c

More square

while waiting for the Flexes. /c

Two days ago

I hade my Yashica TLR, today I got my second Rolleiflex. I bought one at a auction a couple of days ago and placed a bid on another one, low bid as a bargain and did´t think I would get it. Now I have to […]