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From the punk scene in Kreuzberg

but today the destination are a funk scene in Gothenburg. /c

Beside my father

there is one man that made my interest for photography a big part of my life. When I was a small kid I could sit hour after hour looking true my fathers photo album. I don´t know how many times I sat looking on the […]


I had a fail with tonality, today the fail are another. To little appearance of the figure for my taste. I did retake it with no figure, but I would have liked to have a blurred walker in frame. Live and learn /c

Is this a moment

of prayer or are they jus sick and tired of the photographer they have blocked in. /c


I was surrounded by 80 riot police officers and no where to go. /c

On top

of the rauk:) /c



My Fest in Kreuzberg

was a good one but the highlight of it all was the punk and hard core scene outside Coretex. I will be back:) /c

Proud father

of a teddy monkey named Sixten. Lion King wannabe:) /c

Proud squatter

in our chicken shed:) /c