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Beside my father

there is one man that made my interest for photography a big part of my life. When I was a small kid I could sit hour after hour looking true my fathers photo album. I don´t know how many times I sat looking on the […]

Coast town

of Tenby, Wales. /c

Going for a book release

to night. The publisher Sound of a picture have a thing at Folkbaren in Gothenburg. Have to check it out. /c

I´m in a slow

period, photographically. Have a lot of projects going on and it´s been hard to get time for photography, except for work of course. Got a couple a cameras loaded and I take a shot here and there but not in a concentrated way and in […]


for something special but it´s hard to find. /c

Beautiful old

book, not much for the title but the craftmanship are hard to find today. /c


I was talking about portrait and today I stumble on an blogpost at the Ilford Blog where there is a two hour long talk from Greg Heisler. That man has humor, and it was two well spent hours watching that Youtube cast. He also got a […]

I was reading

Bruce Barnbaums book The Art of Photography yesterday, a really good book by the way. After reading for some time I wonder what the time was and obviously I peeked at the upper right corner of the book. Guess I have spent far to much […]