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Books in the mail

Got a package of books from my friends at Neva Books today.

I always try to buy books done by friends and people I know so when I did see that Ove Rahm had done his first book I had to buy it. Me and Ove use to meet at Landskrona Fotofestival every year, talk about photography, see exhibition, drink a beer and compare our experiences. A couple of years ago Ove had a box of print to show me, some of the pictures are now in his first book ”Papillon”. Interesting to have seen it from project prints to a finished book. Go get it and support a first published photographer.

The second book in the mail was a big collection of pictures in two book by the one and only Gunnar Smoliansky. He died in 2019 and these two books are a republishing of nine previous work on the total of 1200 pages. Many books by Smoliansky are very hard to find so this is a opportunity to dive in to his fantastic work with pictures from his photographic career. I’m a big fan of Smoliansky and have some of his books but this must have been one of my fastest see-click-and-order. The print quality are not as good as in his other books but I can live with that just to see so many pictures. I have seen his original prints and they are really a piece of art so I will have them i menory when looking in this big volume. Gunnar Smoliansky 1933–2019 (vol 1 & 2) is printed in 1500 ex and everyone interested in his work should buy it before it sell out.

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