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collection of my half frame cameras, Canon Dial and Bell&Howell. /c

From the bay

to the bend of our small gravel road. /c


is this boy coming home to his parents. Haircut? Maybe:) /c

Long time

since I took my cameras on a tour. The sawmill and all the things around it have taken a lot of my free focus. /c

Gothenburg through a window


Me and my son

tomorrow we gonna do planks out of timber. /c

Scanned Fuji FP3000B negative

of my Canon and Bell&Howell Dial collection. /c

Geek me?

Maybe. One part of the joy shooting old cameras are the mechanics of them. Whit this collection of Canon Dial and Bell&Howell Dial there are as much the funky design, the mechanics and the fact that they are all in good working condition. They was first […]

The bottom

of our outdoor kitchen can make a interesting subject. Won a auction yesterday on a Bell&Howell Dial 35, half frame camera. I now have the full collection, Canon Dial 35, Canon Dial 35-2, Bell&Howell 35 and Bell&Howell 35-2. I kind of like that little funky […]

In serious

need of a haircut, got reminded when I found this one. /c