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Long time ago

Still hiding behind old cameras. /c

The same mirror

same by and a little bit of selfie. But at that time we did not call it selfie;) /c

Portrait on the wall

Impressed to se the artist make this selfie. /c

Two stars

shot with a Canon Dial. half frame to full frame. /c

It all started long time ago

I picked up my first camera as a pre teen and I still shoot as often as I can. Every day at work  and when my jobs are done I put the digital cameras down and take on some nice cameras loaded with film. Not […]

Me and my son

tomorrow we gonna do planks out of timber. /c

I leave my chair

and go down ending 2014 with my wife. Happy New Year, 2015 gonna be awesome for analog photographers!!! /c

Even old men

can sit on a pile waiting. /c

Self portrait

and no, I have no need to flatter myself:) /c

Self portrait

form back then. /c