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in the darkroom is a fun thing. Two prints done today and I introduced my grandkid to the magic of darkroom printing. /c

Started out nice in Darkroom 2.0 today

First day printing in a long time. Contact sheets and some prints. Have a lot of boxes of paper thats been given to me, guess someone had to take a peek, one box was totally fogged. Free is what free is. /c

It´s all done

My darkroom ar ready for work. If not today, tomorrow will be the first time to put the lights out and develop some film in this Darkroom 2.0. /c

To completely

block out all light in a door are not so easy. It always seems to come a little shimmer of light. /c

Plumbing, check

electricity, check. Total blackout, tomorrow. Now is the time to move in and get everything at the right place for smooth working in a small space. Must have a radio I think:) /c

When your kids leave home

and you can reclaim the space it´s a god thing to reclaim their old signs when building a new darkroom:) /c

Sneak peak

in to my new darkroom build. After a productive weekend I can start planing for power, water, sewer and ventilation. /c