Arkiv (månadsvis): april 2014

A few steps down


Longing for

some shooting on my own, no work, just for fun. /c

Got my mind

on a ATV, guess it will be one soon. /c

Long time ago

when the kids had hair that  they don´t want to remember;) /c

A favorite picture

my grandson on a pile of wood. He will be back tomorrow and we can work together again:) /c

More 1980 something

Gothenburg picture from my scanning in the past. /c

Another old frame

from 1980 something. Things have change. /c


for a parking ticket? Not me;) /c

When I came

to this place today nothing was like it was many years ago. It look nicer but the wibe and atmosphere are all gone, it went when people with money moved in and everybody else had left. The same thing happens in every city all over […]

This is the place

for two shoots tomorrow. /c