Arkiv (månadsvis): september 2017

From the streets

to home with no injury. /c

Did you get it


Getting closer

Saturday are the day and I´m all geared up. /c

Got a delivery

from Macodirect today. Super fast and to a good price. For the first time i got Ilford HP5 i 35mm, TriX has been my go to film for as long as I can remember but as Ilford have a dedicated approach to the film community […]

Not everybody

sees beauty in a quarry. /c

Quick road trip

to Copenhagen visiting kids and grand kids. Happy as a tree in the mountains. /c


in clouds. /c


by the slate fence. /c

A scar

in the landscape. /c


in big piles, not much went prima and today they have found a market for what was left behind. /c