Arkiv (månadsvis): januari 2015

Picking grapes

in the greenhouse. Not today, the greenhouse are covered in snow an there is no sign of life. /c

Winter hit us

with 30 cm of snow tonight. It’s winter wonderland at the moment. I have been working in the mill all day and it’s slippery, the logs don’t always moves as I want. /c


of my instant frame of fame. An on going project of documenting life around me. /c

Ready for a bumpy ride


A returner


More geek picture

This time on one of the best small cameras ever made I think. Contax T2, so sharp and the exposures are almost always perfect. Fit in my pocket and and it´s a good feeling to have such a good tool with me when I´m just […]

Another camera collection

on medium format instant film. This time my SLR´s. /c

I´m in a slow

period, photographically. Have a lot of projects going on and it´s been hard to get time for photography, except for work of course. Got a couple a cameras loaded and I take a shot here and there but not in a concentrated way and in […]

No horses sneeking

up in my back. /c

In my backyard