Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Got a box

from one of my dealers Brunos Bildverkstad. Now I’m stashed up for the rest of my undone contact sheets, 250 sheets of Ilford paper will take me a bit. I like Ilford as a company, they have take on a commitment to serve the darkroom community and I will do what I can to make them do it, buy fresh are the way to go.

In the box was also a new developer for me. Adox Neutol ECO, said to be a more environmental friendly developer. I will check it out to see if it fits in my darkroom. I hope so, to be nice to Mother Earth are a good thing and not all things we use are that nice. We have a good system for taking care of waste chemicals where I live but can I do something to make it better I will.

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