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This is a iconic

bit of camera porn I got in the mail today. Speed Graphic and Aero Ektar 178/2,5. By the serial number the Aero Ektar are made in 1944 so it could have been up on a plane making pictures of the destruction of Europe in the end of WWII, in theory at least. I’m gonna make some more peaceful use of it and hopefully more creative than war surveillance. It’s a slightly radioactive lens but I’m not gonna sleep with it but it’s good to know it. The camera are gonna be fun to use with some old lenses I have without shutter. From 1/30 – 1/1000 with the focal plane shutter back on the Speed Graphic, the longer times with a black cap and counting. This model are not the best if you wanna use the rangefinder on different lenses but with a shallow depth of field most are after with that combo a tripod and groundglass are a good option.

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  1. Vegar 11 jan ’21

    Meeget snygg combo!!! Ser fram til bildene 🙂

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