Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

What a treasure I found

There are a lot of things hidden in my book shelfs, like a bunch of magazines from 1980 and on. All my heros from back then with picture from page to page. So much good photography, I don’t think there are any magazines like this today. Fotografi Centrum, where I was a member, was a positive force in getting photography out in exhibitions, books and magazines. There was so much happening in this field that I kind of miss. Of course there are a lot of good things happen now to when it’s much easier to reach ot to a bigger group of people but there are also a big noise that have to be filtered to get the good parts. The only magazine I read today are Silvergrain Classic, it’s a really good one but the old one I found are something special, getting a bit nostalgic:)

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