Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

We are almost there

It´s that time of year here in Sweden, we are preparing for a long and cold winter. It´s not here yet but when it comes I´m ready. Ready but not with a smile, winter are the worst time of the year for me. My body aches and it stops me from going out and do what I love, shooting film, lots of film. I think that I´m most happy when I´m out with a filmcamera in my hand. Even if I work full time as photographer and shoot every singel day I feel the same pleasure when there is film to expose. Then every frame counts, it is not about quantity, it´s about doing what you know is right. You visualize, measure the light and expose but you don´t peek on a screen and see if you got it, you wait until the film are developed and scanned. I think this process hones your skill and make you a better photographer. Not every frame turns out perfect but many and the crappy one hurts so much that you don´t want to do the same mistake again;)

Was looking on the last episode of Film season 2. I have been following that show since the beginning and can´t get enough. Now I have to wait another year, lucky I can go back and watch old episodes;) The Framed Network do a lot of good material, not only Film, you can easily spend hours and hours there. I like the enthusiasm they have, I wish I cold be a part of it not only a ”watcher” but what the heck they are on the other side of the world and I´m her, lucky we have the internet.



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