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It´s a day of celebration

My youngest son Oliver turns 18, that little boy are now grown up. It´s strange how quick those years have gone, it make me also old and a bit worn like a old Lambretta.

Got a load of Fuji FP3000B from FPP store over in Butler New Jersey. The price are significant lower then here in Sweden even when you add shipping and customs. Got my load of 20 packs and added an extra Debonair on top of it. The Debonair myst be the most camera you can get for the money. It cost under $20 and how long it last are up to you and destiny. The camera and lens are made of plastic so you must handle it with some care, you can zone focus and you can change shutter speed from cloudy to sunny, thats it.Of course with different speed on the film you have a lot of more opportunities even if you are stuck with the speed for 16 frames, thats why I got 3 Debs now;)


Fuji FP3000B  with Mamiya RZ67

Fuji FP3000B shot with expired Fuji FP100B  with Mamiya RZ67

Barcelona Citroen store, Yashica MAT EM, Tmax 400@400, Rodinal 1:50

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