Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Dust, what a pain it is

One thing I like better with digital are the retouching. Dust on darkroom prints are unavoidable so it’s just to suck it up and spot it. I’m no good on this but when I get it right it’s kind of rewarding. I have heard many people that enjoy this part but I’m not really there yet but with practise everything gets better.

I like to use Peerless color. For me it makes me come closer in tonality much faster then when I use Marshall color. If I go wrong with Peerless I can easier go back with a clean brush and push it back a bit, not so easy with Marshall from my experience. Maybe it’s just what you are used to, there are many ways to skin a cat.

Brush 00 are the most used and a clean #1 as my cmd+Z. I start with a test print that I use as palette when I do all the other. In this batch I have 6 prints from the same negative so it’s nice to have the that print as a protection and palette.

My eyes are not that good so without a magnifying glass it would have been harder. It’s a bit clumsy and my roomlight are not optimal so I struggle with the shine on glossy paper. Have to look in to that one day.

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