Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Exhibition day

Got to see two exhibitions today, Markus Andersson at Sectret door was a very nice experience. I have seen some of it before but the prints was so extremely well done, it was a pleasure to see the craftsmanship from camera to print.

Then it was finnisage at ELF where Lina Ikse closed her exhibition. I have seen it at the vernissage but well worth two visits and now I have three of her prints as my own to remember me.

Bad thing is that this was also the closing for galleri ELF, no more exhibitions there. Sad for all of us who like to visit but maybe Jesper and Josefin comes up with som other stuff.

150604 Toyo 45, Fujinon 210/5,6@16, Polaroid 405 back, Fuji FB3000B

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