I have a couple of half frame cameras. Canon Dial 35, Canon Dial 35-2 and Bell & Howell 35-2. Same camera in different faces of time. The Dial are a cool little camera, looks funky and got it´s name for it´s phone like design, for all who remember a phone with a numberwheel. It uses ordinary 135 film but instead of using 24×36 format it makes two portrait oriented pictures on a 24×36 frame. You will get 72 pictures out of roll of 36. I use these cameras for what I call ”in camera triptych and diptych”. Shooting them in camera make me think what will be good together and in what order. Sometime it turns out good, sometimes not but it´s a good exercise and a way to spark the creativity when feeling low. No cutting and pasting to make them are my goal.

Canon  Dial 35, Canon Dial 35-2 och Bell & Howell 35-2. Halvformatskameror, half frame cameras