Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

I made my own passepartout

For the first time I made my own passepartout. Before I have made my pictures to fit what I got in the frame but I got me a Logan mat board cutter to do it the other way around. I make my picture as I want them and cut the passepartout to fit. I have had my eyes on a Logan cutter for some time but never got one so I made a click and got one last week. It looks so easy when they show them but I had a hard time at first, maybe I started out with to thick paper, 1,9 mm but in my mind I did see a thick bevel cut.

I have start to get a hang of it and framed a pile of pictures. It’s not perfect yet so there are a lot of new things to learn, but hey, what are the meaning of life if not learning new stuff. As always, I want to do everything my self but I’m no expert on anything. I know a little about a lot of thing but not much about anything, thats me:)

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