Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

I often come back

to this image. I have named it ”In the middle off all this mess there is love”. When I look out on our world and all the conflicts that are going on it’s this image I come to think on. We have the Kurds in Rojava that are attacked by Turkey and there proxy groups, there are uprising in Libanon, Iran, Irak, Hong Kong, Chile, Bolivia, Catalonia…. Palestine seems like an never ending story. I have just read some books by Abdullah Öcalan and are happy to see how he try to apply democracy from the bottom. Its not power that are the solution, it’s freedom, like the old anarchist said ”All power corrupts”. You can have what some call democracy but as long ass the power comes from above it will fail. With love for freedom comes respect for what freedom is and that it must apply to all people and the nature. I’m happy I never doubted my anarchist ideas.

160803 500cm, 80/2.8 TriX @400 Rodinal 1:50

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