Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Last night at Hasselblad

was interesting. Got the opportunity to test cameras from 50MP 1XD up to 400MP H6D. Every time I test a new camera its hard to find buttons and wheels to do the right thing and there was a lot of them, but wow what a piece of camera it is. It would be nice to test them out on a job. They also had som old ones on display and after testing all the new one it was a good feeling to lay a 500c/m in my left hand and everything felt so naturally. Time, aperture and focus, what else could I need:) Even if I’m happy with a Hasselblad 500 it would not work for my daily job as photographer, a H6D could work even if it is a big one to carry around, maybe the next generation of the 1XD is the one to get. Until then and even after, I’m more then happy with a piece of 6×6 film.


160808 Lands End Cornwall UK, Ilford FP4 100@100 500cm. 80/2,8

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