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Lets jump the train

before it´s to late.

The news are spreading. Fuji are going to discontinue the last Black&White packfilm, if this is true, and everything point in that direction there will be no more Fuji FP3000B.The Phoblographer and Petapixel are reporting it and they use to have a lot of facts you can depend on.

What can be done?

I for shore are gonna speed up my orders and buy as much as I can, I have used it on a regular basis so I have gone through a lot of packs and don´t wanna stop. If we buy and more buy maybe Fuji can find a reason to continue the production.

There are a petition online started by photographer Michael Ash Smith, sign it, blog about it and spread the word!!!

Come on, let´s make Fuji understand the need to keep this film. If they go in the wrong direction I for shore gonna put Fuji on my own ban list. To bad coz I think they do a lot of god with there X-serie of cameras. I was planning to buy one ore two X-cameras but now I´m a bit pissed of and will wait and see.


Barcelona Leica M6, TriX 400@1600 Rodinal 1:50

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