Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Photography 175 year today

and still can we find people using the first techniques. From Daguerreotype to god knows what and all are in use. For me it´s film but I´m very curious on wet plate so maybe one day I will try that out as well. Many have said that analog photography are dead but thats as true as when people in the middle of 1990 said they Apple would go under and Windos become the only and greatest. Today when photography have been an important part in our lives since 1839 I have a feeling that analog photography are on it´s way up from a deep bottom. So many positive things are happening, new old material are going in production again and many young photographer are jumping the train, not only old grumpy farst. 175 year are only the beginning and I hope all techniques can live together and feed each other for a long time and not fall into some stupid for/against with barbed wire in between, that only hearts .


140712 Mamiya RZ 67, Tmax 400@400, Tmax Dev

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